Doğa Spices is a herb & spice processing facility established in 2014 by two food engineers ,based in Izmir in Turkey.

Our plant has a main leaf products processing line.

The process line in our facility has been designed to be flexible for any type of particular request regarding the spices, or the demands of our customers.

We have proved ourselves in the marketplace within a short period of time with quick and optimal solutions to our customer queries by our experience and technical knowledge.

In addition to all requirements, our firm makes the process line designs and applications under the name of company Doğa Technic

Efficiency and quality is our specialty.




Doğa Technic

  • Herb & spice processing facility project designing
  • Herb & spice drying facility project designing
  • Herb & spice processing machine manufacturing, revision, repairs & maintenance are serviced by a highly capable technical team


The main goal of the facility is to produce goods complying with the food safety regulations with the full realization of the responsibility of being a FOOD producing facility. With experienced and well-trained staff, all the production progress is monitored continously in order to eliminate any possible problems and to achieve the utmost quality.

The quality control process starts from the beginning - the samples from the bulk of raw material are first analyzed at our own laboratories in order to determine the most efficient way to process them. After approving the sample, the process starts.

The quality and productivity effectiveness of the process is assessed and recorded throughout, by collecting random samples at pre-defined production stages. A traceability system is in place to efficiently monitor each aspect of the production, from the source of the raw ingredients to the production of the end product.


Our business premises comprises a total area of​​ 3250 m² Within that area our business continues to operate in 1500 m² enclosed indoor area. Also within our premises there is a raw material warehouse, production area and end product warehouses in our factory

The raw material delivered from the field is processed in different sieve measures based on customer demands.

The machinery is designed to produce top quality end products.


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DC Baharat Makine İthalat İhracat Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi

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